Magnetic Declination


The magnetic declination is the angle between compass north (the direction the north end of a compass needle points) and true north (the direction along the earth’s surface towards the geographic North Pole). Magnetic declination varies both from place to place, and with the passage of time. In a broad sense, this term alludes to margins of error, miscalculations in supposedly rational systems of measurement, and discrepancies between ideal models and actual reality. It evokes unexpected variations in coordinates, the re-ordering of geographies and shifts in points of view which leave space for the unforeseen, opening opportunities for creative research.

Magnetic Declination is a research and production group formed by theorists, curators, and visual artists. DM’s work is based on post- and de-colonial approaches that seek to dismantle the imagery and the discourses underpinning Spain’s mainstream historical narratives. In parallel, DM also explores hybrid methodologies arising from the intersection of different artistic and research strategies in the field of practice and knowledge production. MD’s main line of work at the moment comprises a series of short audio-visual productions where different fictional, non-fictional, and essay-like styles and formats are mobilised in a re-examination of Spain’s (and Europe’s) colonial background as it unfolds historically into the present, especially in the light of the current global crisis.

Magnetic Declination is formed by Aimar Arriola, José Manuel Bueso, Eduardo Galvagni, Juan Guardiola Sally Gutiérrez, Julia Morandeira, Diego del Pozo and Silvia Zayas.